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Enriching the community through exhibitions, demonstrations, and outreach

Enriching the community through exhibitions, demonstrations, and outreach

Artist Profile

Diane Jansen

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I have spent most of my life raising a family and working in the field of accounting and management.  When time permitted, I dabbled in various art forms such as wheel thrown pottery, drawing, sewing, stitchery and other arts and crafts.  I took art classes where and when I could.

After retirement I began painting with watercolors, studying with Mary Tomaskevitch, Helen Shafer Garcia, and Rich Stergulz and taking various workshops with other artists.  After a time I began painting with oils and found the depth of depth of color and freedom of expression oils allow to be enticing.  I would call my works impressionistic representations of ordinary subjects and I hope that the viewer can find a story within my paintings, though it may not be the same story that I see.  I draw inspiration from many things, but it is the light within a scene that captures my imagination.

Art Samples

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  • Pete The Cowboy Poet
    Pete The Cowboy Poet
  • A Dude And His Dog
    A Dude And His Dog
  • Windy And Coco
    Windy And Coco
  • Proud Rooster
    Proud Rooster
  • Cucinare
  • Afternoon Light
    Afternoon Light
  • Cool Waters
    Cool Waters
  • Live Oak Park
    Live Oak Park


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