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Angela Koenig
 Angela KoenigAngela utilizes all media; her spontaneous assembly of color and texture propels her bold and distinct style.   She states: "Most artists only concentrate on the visible … I strive to capture what is just underneath the superficial layer, to convey the very essence of my subjects."
Carol Zaleski


Carol enjoys creating personal paintings; images of family, paintings of people or places she loves, often using collage. "Papers of all kinds fascinate me - their textures, colors or their attached memories (like the wrappings from a gift)."
Elizabeth Taft
 Geraniums by Elizabeth TaftA renewed love for portraiture and figurative work led Elizabeth to carry her camera everywhere with her,  seeking that elusive, special quality of light,  or a group of people in an interesting activity, ... to capture that perfect moment.
Jerry Kalman
Photography Automobiles Jerry Kalman Getting the most from difficult light situations highlights Jerry Kalman's unique approach:  "...the image maker must be creative to capture scenes in a fresh and desirable way." He has transformed a life-long interest in urban architecture into a collection of  fine art photographs, including many from Fallbrook's Vintage Car Show and Hot Summer Nights.
Linda Thorne
acrylic: painting; artist; West; Linda Thorne For Linda, a research scientist until she retired, painting is about saving the impressions, moods and feelings of what she sees. The process of painting becomes a dialog between her and the canvas.
Noreen Ring
fabric Art by artist Noreen Ring Noreen's textile creations reflect a connectedness with her surroundings; rolling hills, big sky, stars, the moon - they all seem to fit together in perfect harmony.
Rita E. Miller
 In the Garden by Rita MillerRita was introduced to the art of the print in Japan. "I have integrated my many experiences traveling, and my feelings about nature into my work. I am eager to continue on this path." She likes to combine acrylic painting with her prints, resulting in more abstract compositions.
Anne Mudgett
Richard H. Freund

MFA, George Washington University

BFA, Maryland Institute College of Art, Studies at the Cincinnati Art Museum Academy and Watts Atelier of the Arts, Workshops with numerous modern master painters, Member of Brandon Gallery, Fallbrook CA.

*At home in the wide world and Pauma Valley CA…Always learning, always looking*

Dan Witkoff
Little Lady by Dan WitkoffA full time aviation artist for more than 20 years, Dan devotes his energy to the men, women, and machines that have made aviation history.
Janice Cipriani-Willis
watercolor of dancer Janice's current work has been inspired by watching people in situations that engender a range of human feelings.  She creates poignant portraits focusing on the different kinds of beauty seen in their faces.
Kathleen Morgan
Record Memories As an artist, my work is also my pleasure.  I hope that my intense satisfaction in manipulating ink and image is conveyed through my work - that some part of my experience can be shared.
Mary Tomaskevitch
 Harry and Friend by Mary ThomaskevitchTo me, process is everything. I avoid starting a painting the same way every time. Each experience is a little different, and as I paint various ideas and problems occur so I might put the painting away until a solution comes to mind.  Seldom do I start and finish work all in one session; some take several years to complete.
Penny Smyth Fedorchak
 Water color painting P FedorchakPenny loves the colors of the outdoors and strives to capture their beauty and strength; her floral paintings are good examples of her bold use of color. Wild places,  especially Yosemite and the Sierra Nevada mountains spark many of her plein air paintings.
Sue Keith
Sue Keith My paintings are inspired by my visual responses to moments in time. I strive to capture the feeling that attracted me to the image in the first place, and respond to that emotion. I want to engage the viewer to see with fresh vision and perception their own emotional moment.
Carol Perko
Carol perko; artist; Oil; Painting
Painting portraits, pets, wildlife and still life is but one of Carol's artistic endeavors. She is also owner of Carnahan Jewelers and has designed jewelry for over 20 years. Her one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces are made using the lost wax process.
Diane Adams
 Diane AdamsDiane is a master of all media, mixing watercolor with pastels, pencil, acrylics, and other media to achieve an ethereal, dreamlike effect in both her realistic and her non-representational paintings.
Jean Madueno
  I like to experiment, especially with various mediums and techniques.  It is by use of depth of color that I create the moods that I want my paintings to convey.  I especially enjoy painting a live model in an open studio.
Linda Doll
"LIFESCAPES", my digital collage pieces are quite exciting for me.  There is such freedom in being able to photograph exactly what I find aesthetically appealing and then to be able to combine or collage these photos back in the studio using Adobe Photoshop and Painter.
Nicole Toesca

A part-time resident of her family's medieval village of Saorge, France, Nicole enjoys photographing the energetic street life of Europe. "I love photography for its artistic possibilities, and its power to preserve - a child's smile 60 years earlier - for later generations.
Richard H. Freund
Richard H. Freund My art medium is Painted Assemblage, resulting in Fine Art From Found Objects. Creating art from found objects allows my imagination to expand and flourish, bringing otherwise unrelated objects together, unified with paint to transform them into unique works of art, with a singular rather than separate identity.
Virginia Cole
Virginia Cole Virginia loves work that is suggestive and ambiguous; work that encourages the imagination of the viewer and prefers to leave interpretation of her work open.

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