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Upcoming Events

In Studio 105

Art of the Avocado Competition Sponsored by Fallbrook Propane Gas Co.

April 1 - 30

Vote for "People's Choice" award by April 13 and during the Avocado Festival


Live Performance Art During the Avocado Festival

April 13

Visit Brandon Gallery booths Avenue of the Arts watch the creation of a collaborative mural by Roger Gabriel, Shaun Lebby, Matias Mahia, Sam Palacios, and Cap'n Watts.


Monthly Artist Demonstration

April 19 11am - 2pm

Janice Cipriani-Willis' Watercolor Technique


Water Media Collage presented by Virginia Cole

Two-day workshop Sunday June 8th and Monday June 9th, 2014

Learn to paint collage papers in color harmonies; alter some pre-existing materials; and make unique, personalized stamps. Produce a collage on wood panel with the prepared papers from the 1st day, other miscellaneous papers (rice paper, magazine pages, photocopies), acrylic paints, Caran d’Ache, ink, etc. A critique is also planned for the end of the day.

Click here for more information.


Call to Artists

Art of the Avocado Competition

View the Prospectus >>

Judge: Michael Steirnagle

Call To Artists

Art of the Portrait

May 1 - 29

View the Prospectus >>


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Carol Zaleski

News image

  Carol enjoys creating personal paintings; images of family, paintings of people or places she loves, often using collage. "Papers of all kinds fascinate me - the...

Penny Smyth Fedorchak

News image

 Penny loves the colors of the outdoors and strives to capture their beauty and strength; her floral paintings are good examples of her bold use ...

Angela Koenig

News image

 Angela utilizes all media; her spontaneous assembly of color and texture propels her bold and distinct style.   She states: "Most artists only concentrate on the ...

Linda Thorne

News image

For Linda, a research scientist until she retired, painting is about saving the impressions, moods and feelings of what she sees. The process of painting becomes ...

Dan Witkoff

News image

A full time aviation artist for more than 20 years, Dan devotes his energy to the men, women, and machines that have made aviation ...

Linda Doll

News image

"LIFESCAPES", my digit...

Mary Tomaskevitch

News image

 To me, process is everything. I avoid starting a painting the same way every time. Each experience is a little different, and as I paint ...

Gabriele Bitter

News image

Abstract art has given me the freedom to explore different mediums and work intuitivel...

Jerry Kalman

News image

Getting the most from difficult light situations highlights Jerry Kalman's unique approach:  "...the image maker must be creative to capture scenes in a fresh and desirabl...

Nicole Toesca

News image

A part-time resident of her famil...

Noreen Ring

News image

Noreen's textile creations reflect a connectedness with her surroundings; rolling hills, big sky, stars, the moon - they all seem to fit together in perfect harmony....

Carol Perko

News image

Painting portraits, pets, wildlife and still life is but one of Carol's artistic endeavors. She is also owner of Carnahan Jewelers and has designed jewelry for over...

Sue Keith

News image

My paintings are inspired by my visual responses to moments in time. I strive to capture the feeling that attracted me to the image in the firs...

Jean Madueno

News image

  I like to experimen...

Virginia Cole

News image

Virginia loves work that is suggestive and ambiguous; work that encourages the imagination of the viewer and prefers to leave interpretation of her work open....

Richard H. Freund

News image

My art medium is Painted Assemblage, resulting in Fine Art From Found Objects. Creating art from found objects allows my imagination to expand and flourish, bringing...

Elizabeth Taft

News image

 A renewed love for portraiture and figurative work led Elizabeth to carry her camera everywhere with her,  seeking that elusive, special quality of light,  or ...

Jo-Lind Ekstein

News image

  I am a fickle artist- painting everything from human figures, to landscapes, to surreal images, using all kinds of materials.  In exploring new ideas, my work has the energ...

Diane Adams

News image

 Diane is a master of all media, mixing watercolor with pastels, pencil, acrylics, and other media to achieve an ethereal, dreamlike effect in both her ...

Janice Cipriani-Willis

News image

Janice's current work has been inspired by watching people in situations that engender a range of human feelings.  She creates poignant portraits focusing on the differen...

Kathleen Morgan

News image

As an artist, my work is also my pleasure.  I hope that my intense satisfaction in manipulating ink and image is conveyed through my work - that some part of my experi...

Rita E. Miller

News image

 Rita was introduced to the art of the print in Japan. "I have integrated my many experiences traveling, and my feelings about nature into my ...

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